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Membership & Benefits

Some BG Racing horses are owned by BG Racing, whilst others are leased for a fixed duration and then returned to their owner.  Both owned and leased horses offer the same benefits except that for owned horses the share is purchased by the shareholder when they join and is sold on should they withdraw or the horse is sold.

Each syndicate is operated on fixed term (normally annual) basis with renewal (if applicable) at the end of the term.  If a horse is owned, shareholders can leave at the end of the term if they wish and their share will be sold on at market rates.

Horses are run under BG Racing ownership and colours. Individuals can buy from 1% upwards and shareholders will receive free or discounted owners badges for every race that the horse runs in. Free badges (as many as can be obtained) will be allocated by random draw with each 1% owned entitling the member to one spot in the draw.

If shareholders do not get a free badge or as many free badges as you have requested – then where owners badges are available for purchase, these are obtained as cheaply as possible and sold to shareholders at cost price.

All prizemoney (after trainer, jockey and stable deductions and VAT deduction) is divided up annually by shareholding and the sale price of the horse (after sales fees) is divided up by shareholding if / when the horse is sold.

If a horse is owned and not sold at the end of the term, he will be professionally valued and each owner will receive a payment in respect of any surrendered shareholding if the horse is out of training for longer than anticipated and the Annual Fees collected are more than needed, then these will be returned at the end of the year based on shareholding.

BG Racing aims to provide a fun and “hands on” experience.  Phil is happy to take shareholders are taken members to the stables to see their horse and the rest of the trainer’s horses in the yard and tries to organise a couple of social events each year.

Shareholders receive a weekly email update and Phil can be contacted at any time to talk about the horses or provide an update.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Phil, as he will be happy to discuss this with you.

Full syndicate terms and conditions can be downloaded here.