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Mount Oliver

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Joint Shareholding (Mount Oliver and Fr Humphrey) from 1st November 2019 to 30th April 2020 (six-month lease)

£270 per 1% purchase, £1250 for 5% and £2250 for 10%

You could own a share of Mount Oliver today and share in the excitement of his training and racing – please click HERE to contact Phil for further information or to buy a shareholding.

Horse photo will be updated when available.

The owner of Mount Oliver has made him available to BG Racing on a free lease for the 2019/2020 national hunt season.

He is a 3-mile handicap chaser who should be capable of winning races over the winter.

To ensure that shareholders also have an opportunity to chase a decent prize, Mount Oliver is offered in partnership with Fr Humphrey who has been leased over the same period.  For one price, shareholders will have share in both horses for the duration of the lease.