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Perth – Racing Welfare Racing Staff Week Maiden Hurdle

By On 12th July 2018

My Brother – 5th July 2018 – Finishing Position 2nd of 10

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Due to the distance for most people, it was only me (Phil) attending on behalf of BG Racing and I travelled to Perth from Gatwick on the morning of the race.  At lunch in the owners and trainers restaurant I met the owner and trainer of Westbank, another runner in our race.

My Brother went in the first race, so there was not long to wait.  Bruv was well backed on course and started favourite with the three horse with most experience all had handicap marks just behind him in the market.  Tom Scudamore rode for us and reported that he was not sure how much pace there would be.  He felt that he would probably therefore have to run Bruv closer to the pace than he may otherwise have done.

On arrival in the paddock, My Brother looked a bit skittish and planted himself for a few seconds to look around.  He was no better on the way to the start, being very keen whilst going to look at a hurdle and then pulling hard on the way back.  When he got to the big screen he almost pulled over the rail trying to take a look and Neil was forced to go onto the course to adjust his tack and try to calm him down.  None of this was particularly conducive to him running well and hopefully with experience he will do better pre-race.

Once the race started, My Brother was very keen and this meant that he did not look good over his hurdles.  Tom said later that this looked worse than it was, as invariably the horse felt like he was seeing a stride a long way off and left on his own would have probably pinged the flight, but in doing so might have ended up in front and not settling.  Tom was therefore reining him back which was often putting him slightly wrong at the hurdles.

As the race developed, My Brother always looked like he would be involved at the business end and so it proved.  Turning in Tom said that he thought he had might win, but the early exertions probably took their toll and the leader was not for catching.

This was a promising run.  The winner was rated 105 and had been given a wind op since his last run, so may well have improved markedly on that rating.  The 3rd was rated 107 and My Brother gave him 3 lbs of weight and a three length beating and the 4th was rated 109 and was given 5 lbs and a 5 length beating.  This all adds up to a performance of 110 plus, first time up when My Brother can only get better.

More experience will help him calm down and settle and should also mean he will jump better and he is likely to also be better on softer ground.  All this could mean that we have a stone or more of improvement that we could find and this would make him a smart performer.  TWYD is rated 110 and he is giving us a lot of fun and the result would suggest that My Brother is at that mark or higher already.


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