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Weekly Update 15-10-17

By On 15th October 2017

Not sure whether to be pleased or disappointed with The Way You Dance this week?  On the one hand it was much more like what we know he is capable of, on the other, maybe he should have finished at least a couple of positions further forward.

The Way You Dance

It was a late decision to run on Thursday which made for a busy time informing people about the race!  We ticked off a new track though, with a runner at Chelmsford.  Chelmsford is an interesting track.  It is nowhere near Chelmsford and looks like it has been dropped into a field.  It also has strange viewing as the stand is in the centre of the course meaning you can view the far side or the home straight but not both!  It is nice enough though, the staff and locals were friendly, the facilities are modern and we had a good night.

John Egan rode for us for the first time.  John was very good, his communication and feedback were both excellent.  We did think we would be second turning for home, so it was a bit disappointing when something came from behind to snatch third place from his grasp close to the line.

TWYD seemed OK after the run, no more stiff than usual and we will make a call in a couple of days regarding whether to run again or give him a break.

Justice Super

I spoke to the guys looking after Justice Super again this morning and once again he was very happy indeed with how he has been going.  The intention is for his leg again to be scanned again in a couple of weeks and if all is good, then he will start cantering after that.  At the moment they “could not be happier with him” and fingers remain firmly crossed that all continues to plan.

As I have said before, his value goes up if he comes back into training, so now could be the time to take a gamble on buying a share of a racehorse at a knockdown price.  Check out Justice Super’s page for details and drop me a line to discuss if you are interested.

BG Racing Website Content

I have taken the opportunity of some time this weekend to crack on with some admin, so the race diary page from The Way You Dance’s run at Kempton on 4th October and the one from this week’s race at Chelmsford have both been updated and include photos and the pre and post race videos.

Don’t forget to stay in touch with the Facebook page and Twitter feed (@bgrsyndicates), especially on race days as I can get pictures and videos up on there much faster than I can upload them to the website.




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