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Weekly Update 18-02-18

By On 18th February 2018

The news this week is still all positive with all three horses progressing exactly as we would want them to.  I am hoping to go down to the stables on Tuesday and so hopefully next week I will have a first hand update on all of the horses as well and please look out for some Facebook live on Tuesday which I will post if I can!

My new e-book “Racehorse Ownership – Everything You Might Have Wanted to Know But Wouldn’t Have Known Who To Ask” should be available at the end of the month.  I spent some time collating images for the book and these are now off with the final draft to be turned into a book.

I was asked this week about offering discounts on share purchases (not the first time someone has asked me to reduce the price to secure a sale) and I wanted to explain my position on this for anyone who is interested in buying shares in BG Racing horses.  It is beneficial to me to have some larger shareholders involved with each horse as this keeps the size of the ownership groups sensible and does slightly reduce my workload.  For this reason, I have started to offer a very small discount on purchases of 5% or more.  The discount means I take a lower fee, but this is partially offset by the reduced administration of dealing with one person instead of five.

Unlike many other syndicates however, I charge a very low fee for running the syndicates.  This is part of my ethos, as basically I only seek to cover my time as opposed to targeting making a profit from shareholders.  As you will appreciate, this really leaves me with little scope to offer discounts as an incentive to buy.  The share prices I quote are pretty much the cost of buying and training the horse.  I realise that I could charge more and then offer people discounts when they ask (and maybe this is the direction I will need to go if I start to lose sales by refusing to do a deal on shares!), but at the moment I try to offer the as low a price as I can as this is the best value for everyone.

The Way You Dance

I spoke to Neil this morning and he said that The Way You Dance has had a good week.  He should be cantering soon and everything is on track for us to have him back racing in the next six to eight weeks.  I have shares available for this season.  He will hopefully run as often as he has in the last two years, so there should be plenty of chances to go racing.

Justice Super

Johnny confirmed this morning that Justice Super is going really well.  He hopes to start doing some schooling with him this week.  A return to the racecourse is not far away which is brilliant news.  Shares in Justice Super are only £258.50 per 1% and I feel he has a massive upside if he stays sound and frankly little downside given the share price!

My Brother

Still very positive news on My Brother.  Neil sent me a short video of My Brother at the top of the gallops after his canter yesterday.  He was on his toes and looked really well balanced.  Even though he was just at the walk, he looked in great form and Neil is very happy with his progress.  Things are looking good for us being able to get him racing soon.  This one could be at a different level over jumps and details of how to get involved are below.

From The Stables

Sunday was a good start to the week for our stables, with Alan having a nice winner through Wood Emery in Ireland.  Alan had another winner on Wednesday with Champayne Lady and Neil followed this up with a winner on Thursday when Minellatillmorning won well and again on Friday when Master Burbidge won.

Website and Social Media

The recording of my interview at Surrey Hills Community radio last weekend has been uploaded online.  You can listen to it here if you are interested.  I am in the studio for the last hour of the show.

As ever, don’t forget to follow the Facebook and Twitter updates and thanks for helping me to spread the word with likes, shares and re-tweets.

Thinking of Joining Us?

I hope you have seen the video on the home page which outlines the benefits and experience of owning a share in a horse – if not, what are you waiting for?  Our three horses all have shares available and hopefully there is something for everyone.

The Way You Dance will be targeting three mile hurdle races and with an exciting winning debut over that distance there is lots to look forward to.  Shares are £280.50 per 1% share and if the last two seasons are an indication, then there will be several opportunities to go racing and hopefully this season there will be plenty of prize money as well!  Details on the horse page.

Justice Super is back and shares are £258.50 per 1% to 31st August.  Given that he could be capable of a higher level than that The Way You Dance, these are good value.  Details are on the horse page.

My Brother could be the best of the bunch in time.  He was well rated on the flat and if he converts that ability to hurdles then he could be a “Saturday horse” capable of running in top races.  Shares are £450 per 1% shareholding and this is a chance to get involved with an exciting prospect.  Details on the horse page.

I should point out that all of the above include the purchase price of the horse.  Should you decide to renew for a second year, you will only need to pay training fees which are under £200 per 1% share.

Contact me if you want any further information and I hope you have a great week.



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