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Weekly Update 19-08-17

By On 19th August 2017

It has been a busy time catching up from a holiday and I have also spent a great deal of background time on some of my plans for the future of BG Racing which are really exciting me and which I think will really add to the involvement and enjoyment for BG Racing members.

The Way You Dance

I spoke to Neil on Thursday about The Way You Dance who Neil is really pleased with.   Neil said that he half thought about entering him to race somewhere, but managed to talk himself out of it as his experience says that TWYD cannot yet have done enough fast paced work to ready him for a race.  We have discussed plans and we definitely intend to go back to the flat for his next race.  The fact that he has come back stiff and sore from his chases is a concern and we want to see if this is the case after a flat race as in theory this should cause him the least amount of jarring.  He seemed OK after his flat and hurdles runs before but we want to check whether the issue is the fences or another underlying reason.

Neil wants to give him one more week before he puts an entry in so we should be looking at racing in a couple of weeks if all goes well.

Justice Super

Justice Super’s leg has been re-scanned and he is progressing really well over in Ireland.  He should now be ready to start doing some road work (long walks on the roads used to strengthen and injury and increase fitness) and will be moved to a yard with a better environment for this.  I want him to stay in Ireland where the experts can check in on him regularly and we will only bring him back if he makes a full recovery and is ready to start galloping.  We are certainly not out of the woods yet, but as time passes we are getting closer and closer to getting him back which would be great given that his injury was quite serious.

All the best



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