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Weekly Update 21-01-18

By On 21st January 2018

Right now I am sat in a hotel bar with tea to drink and the promise of a movie later, so all seems good – unfortunately I am only here because my ferry to Ireland has been cancelled and now we have to sail over at 2.45am!  Now all we need to do is sort out when and where we are going to sleep and for how long!

Visited the stables yesterday, starting at Johnny’s where we watched Justice Super do two canters up the gallops and he seems in good order.  Then went on to Neil’s where we had a chat with Neil before he left for Haydock and then popped into the yard to give My Brother a pat on the nose!

Finally, today I received a call from Colin Wyatt who took Oscara Dara after he retired.  Colin said that Oscara is really enjoying his retirement and has been a absolute pleasure.  Everything is fine with him and he continues to be ridden out 4 or 5 times a week.

The Way You Dance

I spoke to Neil about The Way You Dance and we have agreed that he will come back into training on the 1st February.  He will need to start walking and trotting to get him into condition for more rigorous training and we can hope to see him back on course in about 8 weeks or so.

Justice Super

Justice Super is cantering and Johnny is really happy with him.  He will continue to build his fitness before we get him out racing in the coming weeks.  I posted some pictures from the stable visit yesterday and if you are interested, you can view these here.

Photos from Stables – 20th January 2018

My Brother

My Brother continues to walk and trot and Neil is going to have the vet check him over again this week before he starts to step up his work.

From The Stables

Neil had a winner on Tuesday with Carole’s Vigilante and another this afternoon when Mount Oliver one.

It was a quiet week for our stables otherwise with a few places being the best we recorded.

Website and Social Media

I am keeping the website and social media updated frequently and I would appreciate anyone finding time to like and share Facebook posts and like and re-tweet Twitter updates from time to time!

Facebook have changed their setup so that you do not always see posts in your timeline if you have “liked” the BG Racing page.  Instead, down the left menu there is a “Pages” sub-menu which shows updates from the pages you follow.  Please click there to see BG Racing Updates.

I launched a Monthly Newsletter at the start of January and if you want to get a copy of this in future, then all you need to do is enter your email address in the box at the bottom of the website homepage.

Thinking of Joining Us?

I hope you have seen the video on the home page which outlines the benefits and experience of owning a share in a horse.  Our three horses all have shares available and hopefully there is something for everyone.

The Way You Dance will be targeting three mile hurdle races and with an exciting winning debut over that distance there is lots to look forward to.  Shares are £280.50 per 1% share and if the last two seasons are an indication, then there will be several opportunities to go racing and hopefully this season there will be plenty of prize money as well!  Details on the horse page.

Justice Super is back with Johnny and we are excited to see what he might do when stepped up beyond two miles.  Shares are £258.50 per 1% to 31st August and given that he could be capable of a higher level than that The Way You Dance, these do look good value right now.  Details are on the horse page.

My Brother could be the best of the bunch in time.  He was well rated on the flat and if he converts that ability to hurdles then he could be a “Saturday horse” capable of running in top races.  Shares are £450 per 1% shareholding and this is a chance to get involved with an exciting prospect.  Details on the horse page.

I should point out that all of the above include the purchase price of the horse.  Should you decide to renew for a second year, you will only need to pay training fees which are under £200 per 1% share.

Contact me if you want any further information and I hope you have a great week.



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