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Weekly Update 25-09-18

By On 25th September 2018

Apologies for the lack of updates the past few weeks.  I left my job at the end of August to start the next chapter of BG Racing and for now it has my full-time commitment.  Of course, I then promptly went on holiday for just over two weeks to the west coast of Ireland and hence the new era started with less communication than I managed while I had a day job!  I am back now though and the aim is to spend some serious time on BG Racing and see if I can develop and grow it in the coming months.  I would love to have more horses and to diversify slightly and these are all targets I will work towards.  More of that below.

I should be back on a regular communication schedule now with weekly blog updates and I will try to post more regularly on social media, so feel free to like the FaceBook page and follow the Twitter updates for more frequent comment.

It is an exciting time for me and I hope that you take the journey with me as I seek to make BG Racing bigger and better for all involved.

The Way You Dance

The good news is that The Way You Dance is now sound and back in training.  It has taken him far longer than we expected to recover from the knock he suffered but the vets are now happy with him and he has started to work his way back to fitness.  Unfortunately, the length of time that he has been off means that he will need an extended period before he will be ready to race, and this means that we are unlikely to see him on the racecourse again for the next few weeks and this will take us past his shareholder renewal on 1st November.  This break does however mean that will not need to give him a winter break this year and we can crack on early in November / December and run him through the winter.

There is plenty of all-weather racing in the winter and we can campaign The Way You Dance in staying handicaps on the all-weather if the ground on turf courses gets very soft.  If we do get some decent ground for hurdling, then we can also give him some staying hurdle spins as well.  This should mean that we can keep busy and if he stays injury free we will have plenty of opportunities to see him run.

Whilst we have only been racing four times this year, we have had two wins and two places and arguably this has been his most successful season of the three we have had with him.  I have no doubt that he can win again both on the flat and over hurdles and I think that next season could be better again with the same level of success, alongside more opportunities to see him race.

With the success that The Way You Dance has had this year, I will be increasing his value at renewal (see below).  I will have a price for shareholding through to the end of October 2019 in the coming days and I will offer discounts for 5% and 10% share purchases.  If you are interested in taking a share, please contact me and I will make sure that I send you all the details when they are available.

Justice Super

Justice Super is still with Johnny Farrelly as I have still not yet been able to find him a new home.  I have had a fair bit of interest at different times, but nothing that has yet come to fruition and this will be a big focus for me in the next few weeks.  If anyone reading this wants to give a lovely mild mannered horse a good home, then please get in touch.  He wont be able to be raced or jumped but he will make a lovely hack or possibly dressage horse.

My Brother

My Brother had a couple of weeks off as Neil Mulholland felt that it would be hard to keep him at race fitness right from our abortive run at Fontwell to now.  He feels that My Brother has benefited from the rest and he is now back in work.  Neil anticipates having him ready to race in about four weeks which should mean that we get at least one more run before the shareholding renewal on 1st November and I have looked at some possible races for this.

We intend to keep My Brother running through the winter as he should be better on winter ground and he has not been in full training for too long.  This will hopefully mean that he will be running regularly in the first half of the next shareholding year as well as getting another run before renewal.

I will have a price for shareholding in My Brother through to the end of October 2019 in the coming days and I will offer discounts for 5% and 10% share purchases.  If you are interested in taking a share, please contact me and I will make sure that I send you all the details when they are available.

From The Stables

On 28th August, Johnny had a good second with Polished Rock who probably bumped into a good one and the same applied to Neil’s Penny Poet the following day at Kempton, but Neil had a winner that day when Shantou Village run a cracker at Worcester.

There was another winner for Neil the following day when Magical Thomas won at Fontwell, his second win in as many runs.  Scotsmans Bay ran well for Alan Fleming finishing 3rd.  Neil had another 2nd on the 31st when Boy In A Bentley ran 2nd at Bangor.

September started poorly with no winners from several runners on the 1st but picked up on the 2nd when Neil had a winner with Novis Adventus and on the 4th he had another winner when Kristal Hart won at 33-1!  Johnny trumped that though on the 8th September when Hell of a Lady won at 80-1 at Wolverhampton.  That would have been a nice double!

Johnny had another winner on the 10th when Bermeo won at Newton Abbot.  Soupy Soups was our next winner on the 12th for Neil at Uttoxeter and then we had a few days with no runners.  We were back with a winner on the 17th when Bermeo went in again for Johnny and he kept up his good form on Friday with a win from Western Sunrise.  There were no winners over last weekend.

Horse Valuations

I am currently working on the renewal and valuation processes.  Both The Way You Dance and My Brother renew on 1st November and I am working on valuing both horses, so I can calculate a share price for next year.

Development of BG Racing

There are three areas where I am looking to develop BG Racing, but I cannot make purchases in any area without knowing that I have interest from people.  If you are reading this and may be interested in any / all of the following, please get in touch.

New Horse(s) – the obvious growth will be through new horses.  I am inclined to look for a sprinter as the next BG Racing purchase.  I would like to find a horse that is a robust type who can run regularly.  Obviously wins will be less frequent, but we can get racing on a regular basis.  I won’t however lose focus on the National Hunt and I will look for another Justice Super type who has potential to develop into another nice jumps type.  I would like something that will make a chaser in time rather than having another flat/hurdling sort.

Breeding – Another area I am looking at is buying a filly with a view to breeding from her in retirement.  This would be a slightly different ownership as it would require a longer term commitment, but it would give people a chance to see another side of the business and we would potentially generate returns from selling the offspring.

Foal / Yearling Investment – This would be a high risk “investment” option with investors’ money being pooled to buy one or more foals or yearlings with the aim of bringing them through to sell for profit.  Returns could be anything from zero to a massive profit, but the it will give people the chance to get involved in the racehorse sales process.

Get Involved

Buying a share in a BG Racing horse is a decision that you will not regret.  All quoted prices include the purchase price of the horse and should you decide to renew for a second year, you will only need to pay training fees which are under £200 per 1% share.  If you are interested in discussing what is involved, then please do get in touch as I would be delighted to discuss things with you.

I also have an e-book entitled “Racehorse Ownership – Everything You Might Have Wanted To Know But Would Not Have Known Who To Ask“.  This is free and the download page can be accessed by following this link:

Have a great week.



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