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Weekly Update 29-10-17

By On 4th November 2017

Busy week culminating in the first meeting of the season at Cheltenham, which was attended by several of the BG Racing shareholders.  Saturday morning was spent at Neil’s to watch the 9am lot and see The Way You Dance work, before we headed over to Johnny’s to look round his yard.  Then it was back to Cheltenham for another afternoon racing before heading for home.

The Way You Dance

Bangor or Fakenham that is the question.   All things considered, I think my preference is Fakenham.  There are less entries there and I think it might be a smaller field.  I also want to go to the Newmarket sales one day this week and Fakenham will allow me to combine the two in one trip.  Unless Neil has come down firmly in favour of Bangor, then Fakenham on Wednesday (3.10pm race) is the likely target for The Way You Dance.

Justice Super

Brilliant news on Justice Super as our vet has confirmed that he had scanned him and was absolutely delighted with the results.  As a result Justice Super has the go ahead to start cantering!

We might now move him to a specialist pre-training yard where the vet can still keep an eye on him but where he can be prepared for racing.

All being well with pre-training we are still well on target to have him back racing this season which is really great news.  Given this, I intend to increase the share sale price shortly as he is now worth more than he was a month ago.  If anyone wants shares at the current price, then please get in touch now.

Social Media

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow the Twitter feed (@bgrsyndicates) to get adhoc updates and notifications.  I posted a video from the gallops onto Facebook and will post day of race video updates.

All the best.




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